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A special variety of syrups are waiting for you at our café. Try out our homemade syrups with your coffee and waffles to have a great sunny breakfast.


Enjoy the best ground coffee flavours from our steaming hot pots as we serve you in our new coffee house.

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Try out a bunch of different pastries, pizzas, and waffles to complement your coffee. Choose from one of our recommended combos for the perfect taste.


Whether it is a business meeting or a book reading session, we have a place for everyone. Find the comfort of your home and the smell of hot coffee to keep you up.

The Third Wave Vs Specialty Coffee


We have the latest brewing machines which just joined our team to offer you some of the best brews you have ever tasted. Enjoy a perfect blend of beans and cream together to start your day.


Learn about the secret of our coffee and its source. We have a special storing and brewing process that helps us create different flavours of coffee.

Believe in It and Share Why It’s Special


Enjoy our special cherry and cream over your perfect morning coffee to treat your tastebuds with a new energizing flavour.

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  • If you ask athletes, you’d learn that they swear by coffee for better workout performance. And even if you are not one, you can benefit from coffee as much as an athlete does. Remember those nights when you had to stay awake to complete a project at the eleventh hour or prepare for the exam the following day? What about those extra hours at the office when you needed to complete a task at a targeted deadline?

    You must have guessed by now that coffee acts as a stimulant that gives you more energy to function. It increases heart rate, rushes blood flow, and provides an extra dose of oxygen to your muscles. Who knew a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans would aid so incredibly in fueling your energy. And the same coffee is equally beneficial for your personal training sessions although you have to be careful the amount of caffeine you have we recommend one coffee. Let’s learn how.


    Caffeine is highly effective in enhancing your performance even if you consume low to moderate caffeine amounts. If you are a regular coffee drinker, you must have observed how consuming it before workout results in a significant performance difference. Caffeine provides stamina to perform longer and more efficiently. It increases endurance and slows down fatigue. The reason being, caffeine makes use of fat stores instead of sugar in your body. Just remember, less is more, and more is counterproductive and not recommended.


    You work out at certain times during the day, but coffee is the solution if you want to burn calories continually. The caffeine in coffee helps to burn fat during exercise and after. That is because coffee increases your metabolism. It increases the rate at which your body uses energy. Drinking coffee can also suppress your appetite, so you don’t overeat and gain extra calories. It typically takes 40-80 minutes for the caffeine to take effect after you drink it. And that is why coffee works great as a pre-workout stimulant.


    When you are in-depth with something profound that needs focus, you need coffee. That’s because you have experienced how it helped you function better. Similarly, caffeine improves cognitive ability in athletes and allows them to perform high-intensity exercises with improved concentration. The law would apply equally to an average person who wants to focus on working out.


    The cramps and soreness in muscles after a workout is excruciating. It takes a few days before your muscles get used to the exercises, and the pain mellows down. In the meanwhile, you can resort to drinking coffee. It can take the edge off while you recover the muscle soreness relatively sooner than otherwise. It also helps fight muscle stress while working out if taken before a workout.

    Coffee indeed works wonders for training sessions both before and after workouts. However, it would help if you were mindful of how much you consume. The intake and formulation vary for regular training and competitions. Remember to have it in moderation and avoid drinking it at night unless you need to stay awake.

  • Conjuring up an image of the best street food could most probably bring about a concoction of various cuisines. However, the Mexican food culture has one of the best dishes that make up this list- tacos. If you know how tasty tacos are, you should have had it more than once and from multiple places as well. The varieties you get at the street stalls with beef, chicken, pork, and fish can get your taste-buds craving for the flavor. Buying some authentic Mexican food no longer needs to have a trip to the country; Taco Bell and many other international stalls are functioning in many countries to serve you with spice and sauce. Everything from gourmet restaurants to street stalls is offering tacos, but if you want to have a different taste of the dish, preparing one at home would be the best idea. Like every other food, although it wouldn’t taste the same when made at home, you get to explore more flavors by customizing it the way you want. There are different types of tacos as well; the varieties would depend on the meat used and the texture and firmness of the shell. You can attempt all these types at home easily, unlike the other cuisines that require hours of preparation. Here is the method of preparing the best tacos at home.  

    Making the Taco Shell

    If you want to prepare the tortilla for the taco with corn masa, make sure you get it in the nearby stores. We can use flour instead of corn and butter in the place of lard. This could be one way of adding your favorite taste to the tacos you make. You will only need all-purpose flour of around 300 grams, 3 teaspoons of salt, ½ cup of warm water, and 70 grams of butter. Add the flour and salt into a bowl and mix it, after which, you will have to work it with butter to make it look like crumbs. Keep adding water, for every portion and mix it until it is perfectly blended. Make a ball out of this dough, and let it rest for at least 10 minutes. Use a skillet for cooking each tortilla into the thinnest form possible. Turn the flour tortilla over when one side of it puffs up and browns.

    Chicken Filling

    As mentioned earlier, the filling is your choice, and it could be any meat or fish you want. Let us prepare a chicken taco here. You will need 5 chopped garlic cloves, 500 grams of cooked and shredded chicken, 1 tablespoon of ground cumin, salt, ½ tablespoon of oregano, spring onions, lime, coriander, jalapenos, and oil. Fry the garlic to a golden shade on a non-stick frying pan after heating the oil. Cook the mixture of garlic, cumin, salt, oregano, and chicken for about five minutes. Fill your tortillas with the mixture once it is properly cooked with the meat being tender and flavored. After assembling it inside with onions, coriander, lime, and jalapenos, you can top it with some salsa.

  • Beans of caffeine falling into bags is a treat to watch, the reason for the visual to be the poster picture of every coffee powder production company. When talking of coffee, the various trends that have passed on over the years have to be considered. The global industry of coffee has grown over the last few decades, with the three major trends or movements to its name. These waves have existed in the coffee industry over each stage of evolution, and most consumers may haven’t realized it. Each wave is linked to sourcing practices, bean quality, and several other elements. By shedding light on these waves, you attain a better understanding of all the stages you have experienced with the coffee you drink.  

    The First Wave Coffee

    If you know of any company that brews some low-quality coffee, they are the manufacturers of the first wave coffee. Commodity coffee is the name of this wave of coffee, which is often produced by brands such as Folgers, Green Mountain Coffee, and Maxwell House. Since most people had no idea about the origin of coffee beans, they were also unaware of the grounds. First wave coffee had this as its advantage without having to convince the consumers about the speciality of the grounds. Convenience was always the major focus of the first wave of coffee, which added to the lack of information on the coffee packs about the farm or origin country. The most common signs of first wave coffee were the language of “gourmet” or “premium”, artificially flavoured beans, bitter and super dark coffee, primarily pre-ground product, and the coffee aisles in supermarkets.  

    The Second Wave of Coffee

    Café culture in the United States was revolutionized by coffee brands like Caribou and Starbucks, which also led to the second wave of coffee. An eclectic variety of coffee experiences marked the beginning of this wave in the late 1900s with the cafes and roasters. All these companies published origin countries and explored high-quality coffee with the product they sold. In the case of Starbucks, the flavor, the mood lighting, the creative drink, and the friendly baristas were the focus. The speciality coffee drinks with flavorful syrup and other sweeteners were the signature products of Starbucks. Bitter coffee with fairly dark color, focus on flavored drinks, recognition of the origin country of the coffee, and the supermarket aisle were the common signs of second wave coffee.  

    The Third Wave of Coffee

    Coffee beans were the main focus of this wave, in which, cafes and roasters experimented with lighter roast levels and exotic flavors. The wave got this name in 1999 as the trend was growing rapidly. A renaissance emerged when the consumers realized that coffee was not all about being bitter and ashy. This section of coffee is most commonly referred to as “speciality coffee" these days, which has massive worldwide competition. Latte art, specific notes of flavour, single-origin beans, manual brewing methods, and a high degree of description about the origin are the common signs of third-wave coffee.